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WooL & Durdle door Taxis 

Wool & Durdle Door Taxis

   Book Wool & Durdle Door Taxis Service.

We are local family run Taxis Service. We have 15 years of local experience. Book with us, from Wool to any surrounding area. 

At Wool & Durdle Door Taxis Service We believe we are the best for you, IF you looking for capable, professional and affordable service.


Wool & Durdle Door Taxis

Wool & Durdle Door Taxis Serve The villages of Bovington and Wool are home to some of Dorset’s most loved attractions including the Tank Museum with interactive displays, Monkey World and its unique collection of primates and Clouds Hill - the former home of T.E. Lawrence (also known as Lawrence of Arabia) which is now owned by the National Trust.

To the east of Wool village are the remains of the 12th century Bindon Abbey (now a Wellness Retreat), with the market town of Wareham and the world famous Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door all within a short travelling .

Book with Wool & Durdle Door Taxis Service now 

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